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Stop The Banks Today is a site owned and operated by TILA Corp. TILA Corp has banded together with Trustee Companies throughout the nation to defend the American Public from Foreclosure and Unenforceable Laws. That is why the name change to Defense Corp Inc. We are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and are incorporated in several states including Washington.

Who Are We?
We are National Trustee and Restructure Agents in a fully integrated Real Estate consulting firm that capitalizes on the power of Mortgage Laws, Real Estate Law, Trustee Rules, RESPA Regulations, TIL (Truth & Lending Regulation), Property Management, Trust Law, Fair Credit Reporting Act and other applicable proceedings to Challenge unjust consumer and foreclosure loans.

Our Trustees and Restructure Agents and in-house Legal Team are dedicated to providing tactics to homeowner's who have the legal right to defend against foreclosure and a poor modification process. Our system puts the homeowner on the offense.
Through our years of forensic dissection of hundreds of loan files, we have found that there may be good procedural grounds for Challenging any loan, whether in default or not, loans that where originated between 2001-2008. In particular any such loan product or transaction that included "Pay-Option-Arm" loans or situations in which the borrower is now "upside down".

Federal Courts are now deciding the validity of mortgage loans, however due to the way Courts are set up, many of the facts that are being brought to light are quickly being kept under wraps by the banks entering into "Consent Judgements" thus keeping the findings of the facts that could be used in future cases from being used. In these "Consent Judgements" they have a written provision that the disposition of each case cannot be used by any attorney or class for a future suit.

The Solution
During the Solution phase, we complete a preliminary document audit on your original loan documents and mortgage statements to locate and servicing violations - as stated above. Even one violation may be cause for invalidating your loan and improving your position when dealing with the bank.

Our initial process should stop the banks offensive foreclosure action and your eviction for 12 - 24 months on average while you may choose to make no payments to the bank until your challenge is resolved.* (see note below)

We can help with the recovery of unlawful fees taken by the lender.

We do not provide legal advice or counsel, instead we partner with you through the process until we have reached an acceptable outcome for your home and debt Solution. We maintain in-house licensed, legal counsel that can represent your challenges in court should an immediate judicial defense be necessary. Our administrative process is then used to stop ant foreclosure action in accordance to RESPA. (All court defense costs are passed directly to you, but we can appear along with you if you choose). We even recommend some people access the federal court system; they tend to get results with more informed judges.

Our Challenge and Solution process gives you the time needed to decide your next step without the pressure of the lender on your back. Although the lender is bound by the contract, if foreclosure action has started and a successor trustee has been appointed, they my not "stop" their actions of foreclosure harassment, so be prepared to still get the calls and letters!

In many cases, we may be successful in getting you completely out from under the burden of the note on your terms, instead of just accepting any modification that the lender may offer you.

Our process gives you the time needed to get back on your feet, or to work with the lender to settle disputes. In other case challenged, the Federal Court has sided with the borrower and completely removed the bank from any claim to the debt!

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*(Note: TILA Corp Inc. by this statement in no way suggest that you do not pay your monthly mortgage payment, but merely passes on information of what other borrowers have done without negative ramifications)

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